DMH&Co CEO, Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is the CEO of a family office by the name Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (DMH&Co). He is also a vocal journalist, investor, and author. Daniel is a great person from a great background. He decided to open a family office that currently has investors in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The company’s aim is to expand or rather grow the assets of his family and his personal net worth. He possesses great entrepreneurial skills and expertise and is able to manage his several companies within the limited time everyone has. All the companies he has interests in grow at a good speed.

Daniel Mark Harrison also manages several companies that deal with crypto i.e, etheriums. This is the one that they focus their attention on. One of the companies he has great influence is called Block chain. He is a co-partner and a managing director. The company gets assistance from Monkey Capital and Fintech. Money Capital is a hedge fund company. They do their things professionally and with due diligence. They are a team of qualified pros with objectives to rise to the highest ranks of achievements in few years time. Huffington Post describes Monkey Capital as a billion dollar baboon. This is because of the greatness and net worth of the company, Blockchain.

Daniel Mark Harrison will also remain in people’s hearts. He will also be remembered for his writing skills. His book about metamorphosis is worth reading. People have gotten so many ideas from the piece. It was his first book and the work he did was superb. It combines journalism with fiction, skills that are rare to many people.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also a great journalist and a media expert. He has been featured on several news channels trying to discuss matters to do with business and economy. He has been to CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg. He has also been featured on several media ie. The Wall Street Journal, The Street.Com and also Forbes. He is an expert with great skills in which people with the potential to do well in financial investment must follow.

The Career Development of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was born and lived in Montreal, Quebec. He is now an influential business person in the world. Louis Chenevert studied at Montreal University where he majored Commerce in production management for his degree programs. He now chairs HEC together with other reputable international advisory boards in Montreal. Louis is also the chair and founding director of Friends of HEC Montreal and its board of directors. Mr. Chenevert is a profound pioneer in various business leadership skills and principles in practice. Louis is popular for his enormous contributions to the growth of several firms that he has served.

Louis Chenevert was the chair and CEO at United Technologies Corporation. Before his current roles, Chenevert served as the president and chief operating officer. Besides, he is the director of United Technologies Corporation. In 1993, Louis worked at General motor for 14 years serving as a general manager in production. Between 1999 and 2006, Louis worked at Pratt and Whitney as a president. He left UTC in 2014.

Louis chairs tax and fiscal policy committee and is a member of the business roundtable executive committee. He is also an active member of US-Indian CEO forum. Louis equally serves as one of the board of directors at Cargill, a Congressional Medal of Honor foundation. He also chairs Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board. Louis was first inducted into American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2005. Chenevert later managed to acquire Goodrich for $16.3 million, recording one of the highest deals in the American aerospace history.

Louis’s primary role at United Technology Corporation was to carry out research and manufacturing of high technology products. The company is overly involved in the assembly of high-tech jet engines for military and commercial use. UTC is also interested in air conditioning and refrigeration. Moreover, the company produces flight controllers, sensors, and other aerospace systems.

Louis has continually demonstrated exemplary level of competence in managing UTC and increasing its share price by over 200%. As a result, UTC is one of the most profitable companies in the United States of America focused on environmental sustainability and future technological investments.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: the go-to Doctor for Sleep Apnea

Sleep is an essential part of our lives. It is the best way that you can thank your body for supporting you the whole day. Apart from that, it helps prevent you being grumpy towards everyone by keeping you in good moods the following day through the regulation of hormones. In addition, it strengthens your immune, keeps your heart and blood vessels in shape and even repairs damaged tissues. However, no one tells you that there are disorders, which prevent you from getting eight hours of good and uninterrupted sleep such as apnea and insomnia. That is why Avi Weisfogel is here to ensure that you know all about sleep apnea and gives you a solution.
Born and raised in New Jersey–Highland Park to be more precise–is the great forty five-year-old dentist. He is a husband and a father of six who attended New York University College of Dentistry and was accorded a doctorate in Dental Science in 1997. This he did after graduating with a degree in Psychology and Biology, which put him in a better position to know how the human body works. That is how Avi Weisfogel learned how sleep disorders and dentistry are related. He kick started his career as a general dentist but his passion for business and also in assisting people to lead better lives, saw him go to private practice and started his own business which he named Old Bridge Dental care. Due to his innovative spirit, he won the award for the best dentist for two consecutive years. In 2010, Weisfogel started a company known as Dental Sleep Masters, which is dedicated to helping those with disorders like sleep apnea. That is made possible through oral applications customized to suit the needs of every patient with obstructive sleep apnea. Although Avi Weisfogel came from a good background and is passionate about his area of specialization, he still faced challenges before the company could finally get stable. It took him almost a decade before it could become firmly established. When it finally did in 2010, he had spent a lot, but since then he has never looked back. He continues to help people get better sleep and even trains other doctors through a platform known as Unlimited Sleep patient. Thanks to Avi Weisfogel you can now sleep like a baby.

Roc Nation’s Guiding Hand, Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a woman that has no doubt made her mark in the music and entertainment industry. She has been able to be highly successful in male dominated industries where the odds are stacked against her. the great thing about Perez is she didn’t wait to get a seat at the table with her peers, she just took it through hard work. She is an unexpendable asset to the business empire that is Roc Nation. Many have called her the business’ secret to success. A term Perez is more than worthy of considering all she’s done for it.

Anyone who knows partial information about the ins and outs of Roc Nation knows Perez is critical to the business. Roc Nation owner and music mogul, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter values her opinion to the utmost degree. Which makes sense when you realize that she’s been a part of the business for more than two decades. She is like a Swiss army knife. She is an talent manager, producer, overseer, and confidante. She does a little bit of everything to help the business continue to grow and more information click here.

She has helped Jay Z grow into the businessman he is today. She influences many of his business decisions and helps him navigate through boardroom meetings and backroom negotiations. Perez never cracks under pressure. She just stays calm and collected and proceeds to get the job done.

Though Des Perez is responsible for so much and has countless achievements she is often overlooked. many don’t understand nor appreciate the hard work she does on a daily basis. people just see the aftermath of success they rarely see the work it took to get there. Perez has been a guiding hand for artists in the industry for years. Luckily, Perez has no desire for the spotlight and is fine being in the background and what Des Perez knows.

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Bradesco CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Mixed Results Amid One Great Victory

Bradesco has become Brazil’s largest banking concern across a number of crucial metrics. It has more money on deposit, more branches, more client funds under management and more active loans than any other bank in Brazil. In total assets, it’s just a hair behind its largest competitor, Itau Unibanco, at over $400 billion. However, Bradesco has not made great progress over the last 8 years, at least not measured by its stock price, which has roughly stagnated. However, Trabuco has accomplished one great feat at his time at the helm of Bradesco. He completed the 2015 acquisition of HSBC Brazil, a move that instantly rocketed Bradesco to the number one spot, by many measures, among Brazilian banking institutions.

A man and an organization rise in tandem

With Bradesco now occupying the top slot in many areas of Brazilian finance, it is worth remembering that the institution had the most humble beginnings. Founded in 1943, in the city of Marilia, Bradesco began life as a company with just a couple of branches. It slowly underwent growth over the next decade. By 1959, the year in which Luiz Carlos Trabuco began working at the firm, it had grown into a small, regional presence, with a few offices across the city of Marilia.

Trabuco’s incredible career was charted in almost perfect tandem with the rise of Bradesco itself to a position of prominence. In fact, Trabuco himself played a key role in the firm’s success, but that would not be for many years to come. Between the 1960s and 1980s, Trabuco slowly rose through the ranks. He was quickly spotted as someone with a aptitude for learning new positions as well as being a natural leader. By the late 1980s, he was heading a large department within the bank. Then, in 1992, he finally received his first chance at a genuine executive role.

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In that year, Trabuco was tapped to head up the firm’s small but growing financial planning division. As Brazil had become an economically dynamic country with many first-world characteristics, it had a growing population of middle and upper-class citizens with the need for long-term retirement and investment planning. Trabuco recognized the opportunity and quickly began implementing services and products that would have been competitive anywhere in the world but which were all but unheard of in Brazil at that time. Over the next 11 years, Trabuco grew the financial planning business from a relatively minor part of Bradesco’s business into a unit that accounted for more than 25 percent of the corporation’s annual profits. This stellar performance did not go unnoticed by higher-ups. In 2003, Trabuco was tapped to head the company’s large insurance division.

He had similarly good results as president of Bradesco Seguros. While heading the department, Trabuco grew revenues to over 30 percent of the total of the firm. In the process, the business line became the largest underwriter of retail insurance policies in the country. In 2009, when outgoing CEO Mario Cypriano was due to step down, Trabuco was the obvious choice for replacement.

But unlike his other executive roles, Trabuco found himself surrounding by an environment where no low-hanging fruit remained. The spectacular growth of the firm that was experienced under Cypriano’s leadership had largely sputtered out. Amid a stagnant Brazilian economy, organic growth seemed an unlikely source of ongoing, expanded profits. Trabuco knew that he needed to pursue acquisitions to realize significant growth, but there were none to be had.

Then, in 2015, HSBC began to put word out on the street that they were looking to dump their Brazilian operations. Trabuco pounced, quickly making an all-cash offer of $5.2 billion dollars. By late 2015, the deal had been closed, and Bradesco had been put back on top as the country’s most significant financial firm.

However, organic growth has been more elusive. Without organic growth, Bradesco will still be vulnerable to competition. Whether Trabuco will be able to find sources of organic growth will be something that only time can tell.

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Eric Lefkofsky Is Killing Cancer at Its Core

Eric Lefkofsky is killing cancer each and every day. He is accomplishing this by a technological platform he invented called Tempus. This is a platform that can easily be used by all doctors while they are working on a patient. This data displays all the signs and possibilities of cancer. Once a patient is diagnosed, he/she can immediately be treated. With traditional methods, it can take up to five hospital visits in order to detect cancer. With Tempus, one visit is enough.

What is amazing about Tempus is that further patients are examined based on the diagnosis of past patients. Once a doctor observes similar white blood cell counts or similar problems with levels of iron, or issues with blood, the doctor will know that this patient is experiencing cancer in the body. Tempus can also detect an exact stage of the cancer, too and learn more about Eric.

All patients are also encouraged to know that all of their personal information is kept secret. Though a doctor may be studying a patient’s blood while working on another patient, the patient the doctor is working on will not know the name or any other information of the past patient the doctor is studying and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky is changing the way people are looking at cancer. In the past, most people would never even get checked for cancer, even if they had cancer symptoms. This was mainly because they were afraid of the doctor being wrong. Tempus has now encouraged more people to get checked for cancer. This is due to the accuracy that Tempus has shown to the public.

More people are also getting checked for cancer because it is inexpensive. Traditional methods of checking for cancer cost thousands of dollars. This is why medical bills were so high for individuals getting checked for cancer. Doctors pay a monthly fee for Tempus that is below half the cost of traditional methods used to check for cancer. This has allowed doctors to charge less for a cancer check. Many doctors have also made one day out of each month free for people to get checked for cancer with the use of Tempus.

Though many doctors believe Tempus has reached its peak, Eric Lefkofsky and his team of medical experts are doing everything they can to make Tempus even greater. They believe Tempus should not just be for cancer but for any disease or sickness that exists. Eric Lefkofsky hopes Tempus can be improved in the next few years. If this comes to pass, this will be one of the biggest medical discoveries within the medical field.

Eric Lefkofsky also wants to find a way where people with limited medical or no medical at all can use Tempus. His current thoughts are to try and build a simple home-version of Tempus. This will not be as advanced as the Tempus platform used by doctors. However, people will be able to gain enough information right from home to determine if they need to go see a doctor. Eric Lefkofsky believes this kind of technology will help save a lot of lives, and he also believes this will encourage more people to take care of their body on a daily basis. Medical professionals around the world cannot wait to see how future Tempus innovations will effect the community as a whole and read full article.

Bruno Jorge Fagali: A Preeminent Ethical Brazilian Lawyer

Bruno Jorge Fagali’s professional career as a professional attorney in Brazil has been marked by scaling important professional and individual milestones. One such milestone is the 2016 Pro-Ethics Award organized by Ethos Institute and the Ministry of Inspection in Brazil. His commitment to ethical corporate practices also saw him appointed as the inaugural manager of Corporate Integrity Program (CIP) in 2015. He was also accepted to the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics as a member. He has excellent education background and skills that have played a key role in his stellar career as an attorney. He is a bilingual lawyer with fluency in five languages including Portuguese, French and English among others. He received his law degree from Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo while studied for his Master’s degree in Law at University of Sao Paulo. He has also attended several seminars and trainings on key aspects and fields of law.

Professional Background

Bruno Jorge Fagali currently works as a managing partner at Fagali Law Firm. He founded the private law practice firm in 2104 and is actively engaged in all its key operations including decision making. This is in addition to his duties at CIP. In 2015, he joined his alma mater, University of Sao Paulo, where he serves as a law lecturer. He previously worked as a legal advisor in two law firms in Brazil including Radi, Cali and Associates and Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm before founding his law firm. He also worked at Tojal, Teixera Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Associates.


Beneful Grain Free: A Great Brand for Dogs

Currently, the market is saturated with the latest and greatest products for the needs of man’s furry friend, the canine. Additionally, grain free dog food is all the rage as it has become apparent that going to a grain free diet is beneficial to many dogs. While there are many great grain free brands, Beneful is arguably the best. Featuring high quality ingredients including farm raised-chicken, and accents ranging from blueberry to pumpkin Beneful Grain Free provides outstanding nutrition for adult dogs. Featuring a wide array of vitamins and minerals that appeal to even the most picky dog, Benful Grain Free is the top grain free dog food on the market. Beneful Grain Free Dog Food is truly an outstanding brand, great for dogs and learn more about Beneful.

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Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

Doe Deere, the owner of the wildly colorful makeup brand Lime Crime, talked about her daily morning routine in an article posted by A true rebel and self-proclaimed unicorn Doe Deere got her start in cosmetics at a young age. She started selling in small batches until her brand’s bold colors and in-your-face attitude caught the attention of consumers and became mainstream. Lime Crime also became popular because its products are certified to be Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Deere believes in her products and even wears them on occasion. However, she is not ashamed to use other products to help her complete the look she is going for each day.


Doe Deere’s day begins at 8:30 a.m. after her optimal sleeping time of nine hours. She contributes her good sleeping practices to her clear and clean skin. After waking up, and checking her phone, her first task is to drink a glass of cold water. Deere says this wakes her up more then any coffee could and it is a great way to start hydrating her body. Los Angeles, where Doe Deere lives, is very dry so she takes every opportunity she can to drink water. Sitting down to enjoy her glass of water also gives her a chance to think about her tasks and plans for the upcoming day.


After finishing her water Deere completes a few yoga stretches just to work out any stiffness that she might have acquired while sleeping and to prepare herself for the day. She says that she is,”not the most athletic person, but I do try to stretch every day” and that just a little bit goes a long way in making her feel good. After the stretches is breakfast, usually grits, yogurt or fruit. She also enjoys making freshly squeezed orange juice from her own orange tree. Deere enjoys eating light meals for breakfast because she doesn’t like to feel weighed down heading into work.


Next, Doe Deere puts on her makeup. She always listens to music while doing so because it puts her in a good mood. Her current go-to music choice is The Beetles. Deere starts her makeup routine by moisturizing her face with Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence which is followed by L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation. She sets her make up and then fills in her brows. Deere works on her cheeks and lips next which she likes to make pop with bold and bright pinks and reds. Her eye-shadow normally has a purple or pink pastel tint all finished with a winged eye by a practiced hand. This makeup routine can take between fifteen minutes to and hour depending on how bold her look for the day is.Finally, Doe Deere styles her hair which is dry because she showers in the evening. She uses a curling wand to make her hair into waves. She wears her hair down because she likes to show off the purple color. When she is ready she heads into the Lime Crime office.


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Wild Ark: The Importance Of Wildlife Preservation

It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people don’t realize the importance of wildlife. A lot of wildlife parks will die off if not well preserved. Before listing out great wildlife parks, it is important to outline the importance of wildlife. Learn more:


Plants are producers and they provide humans and some animals with food. This is why food chain begins with producers without plants, there will be no food chain. Animals like cows that produce milk, meat, wool and hides graze on plants to be able to survive. Learn more:


Some wonderful wildlife parks have been outlined right below.




This park is located in Maine and it was established in February 26, 1919. This is obviously one of the oldest wildlife parks in the United States of America. To underscore its importance, it received over three million visitors in 2016 alone. It covers the famous Mount Desert Island and several other coastal islands. It is a complete example of a wildlife park as it also offers several forests, an estuary, lakes, ocean shoreline and granite peaks. This is why it is one of the most popular parks in the United States


American Samoa


According to its name, it is located in American Samoa. It was established in October 31, 1988. Record has it that it received over twenty-eight thousand visitors in 2016. It covers three Samoan Islands and it also offers several coral reefs, white beaches, volcanic mountains and rainforests. The park also houses wild animals like sea turtles, brown boobies, flying foxes and over 900 species of fishes. Learn more:




This park is located in Florida and it was established in June 28, 1980. It received over half a million visitors in 2016. It is located in Biscayne Bay and it has four ecosystems. It offers coral reefs, mangrove forest and several endangered animals like peregrine falcon, American crocodile and West Indian manatee.


A lot of wildlife parks would have perished if not for the efforts of different groups that have been working tirelessly to sensitize the world on the importance of wildlife. A very good one is Wild Ark. It is a conservation organization created to protect the world’s biodiversity and also educate people on the importance of wildlife. The organization was established by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson.