Is Cosmetic Queen Doe Deere the Real Deal?

To simply state it, Doe Deere is a revolutionary in a unique way. She has single-handedly changed the cosmetics industry thanks to her very own style. She’s the founder of Lime Crime, which is a global cosmetic giant. The brand itself actually is an imitation of her personal sense of style. She has always been into bright, vivid colors and if you’ve ever seen Lime Crime’s products, this is the reason why. The brand’s liquid-matte lipsticks are highly sought-after, and they come in a wide range of beautiful colors such as:


  • Scandal (intense purple)
  • Salem (brown)
  • Lulu (beige)
  • Ruby Red
  • Alien (neon green)
  • Red Velvet
  • True Love (hot pink)
  • And more


Besides Doe Deere’s natural talent, she has gained plenty of knowledge from her time at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Living in New York City has caused her to grow up very fast, and it has taught her how to survive even under dyer circumstances. In some weird way, Deere has always thought the she was different. Through hard work, trials and tribulations, Deere has found out that she is no different than the average person because everyone has their own ups and downs. To keep the company/brand on top of its game, a lot of brainstorming goes on at work and at home. Each product is thoroughly tested by Deere herself. If something isn’t quite right with the product then its surely scrapped. The method to this madness has certainly paid-off in the form of rock-solid cosmetic products. Learn more:


Doe Deere won’t endorse any product if the product doesn’t meet her expectations and the company’s targeted-marketing campaigns have helped in increasing sales. This is the future of cosmetics and Doe Deere has laid a blueprint of success for all to follow.