DMH&Co CEO, Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is the CEO of a family office by the name Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (DMH&Co). He is also a vocal journalist, investor, and author. Daniel is a great person from a great background. He decided to open a family office that currently has investors in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The company’s aim is to expand or rather grow the assets of his family and his personal net worth. He possesses great entrepreneurial skills and expertise and is able to manage his several companies within the limited time everyone has. All the companies he has interests in grow at a good speed.

Daniel Mark Harrison also manages several companies that deal with crypto i.e, etheriums. This is the one that they focus their attention on. One of the companies he has great influence is called Block chain. He is a co-partner and a managing director. The company gets assistance from Monkey Capital and Fintech. Money Capital is a hedge fund company. They do their things professionally and with due diligence. They are a team of qualified pros with objectives to rise to the highest ranks of achievements in few years time. Huffington Post describes Monkey Capital as a billion dollar baboon. This is because of the greatness and net worth of the company, Blockchain.

Daniel Mark Harrison will also remain in people’s hearts. He will also be remembered for his writing skills. His book about metamorphosis is worth reading. People have gotten so many ideas from the piece. It was his first book and the work he did was superb. It combines journalism with fiction, skills that are rare to many people.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also a great journalist and a media expert. He has been featured on several news channels trying to discuss matters to do with business and economy. He has been to CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg. He has also been featured on several media ie. The Wall Street Journal, The Street.Com and also Forbes. He is an expert with great skills in which people with the potential to do well in financial investment must follow.

The Career Development of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was born and lived in Montreal, Quebec. He is now an influential business person in the world. Louis Chenevert studied at Montreal University where he majored Commerce in production management for his degree programs. He now chairs HEC together with other reputable international advisory boards in Montreal. Louis is also the chair and founding director of Friends of HEC Montreal and its board of directors. Mr. Chenevert is a profound pioneer in various business leadership skills and principles in practice. Louis is popular for his enormous contributions to the growth of several firms that he has served.

Louis Chenevert was the chair and CEO at United Technologies Corporation. Before his current roles, Chenevert served as the president and chief operating officer. Besides, he is the director of United Technologies Corporation. In 1993, Louis worked at General motor for 14 years serving as a general manager in production. Between 1999 and 2006, Louis worked at Pratt and Whitney as a president. He left UTC in 2014.

Louis chairs tax and fiscal policy committee and is a member of the business roundtable executive committee. He is also an active member of US-Indian CEO forum. Louis equally serves as one of the board of directors at Cargill, a Congressional Medal of Honor foundation. He also chairs Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board. Louis was first inducted into American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2005. Chenevert later managed to acquire Goodrich for $16.3 million, recording one of the highest deals in the American aerospace history.

Louis’s primary role at United Technology Corporation was to carry out research and manufacturing of high technology products. The company is overly involved in the assembly of high-tech jet engines for military and commercial use. UTC is also interested in air conditioning and refrigeration. Moreover, the company produces flight controllers, sensors, and other aerospace systems.

Louis has continually demonstrated exemplary level of competence in managing UTC and increasing its share price by over 200%. As a result, UTC is one of the most profitable companies in the United States of America focused on environmental sustainability and future technological investments.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: the go-to Doctor for Sleep Apnea

Sleep is an essential part of our lives. It is the best way that you can thank your body for supporting you the whole day. Apart from that, it helps prevent you being grumpy towards everyone by keeping you in good moods the following day through the regulation of hormones. In addition, it strengthens your immune, keeps your heart and blood vessels in shape and even repairs damaged tissues. However, no one tells you that there are disorders, which prevent you from getting eight hours of good and uninterrupted sleep such as apnea and insomnia. That is why Avi Weisfogel is here to ensure that you know all about sleep apnea and gives you a solution.
Born and raised in New Jersey–Highland Park to be more precise–is the great forty five-year-old dentist. He is a husband and a father of six who attended New York University College of Dentistry and was accorded a doctorate in Dental Science in 1997. This he did after graduating with a degree in Psychology and Biology, which put him in a better position to know how the human body works. That is how Avi Weisfogel learned how sleep disorders and dentistry are related. He kick started his career as a general dentist but his passion for business and also in assisting people to lead better lives, saw him go to private practice and started his own business which he named Old Bridge Dental care. Due to his innovative spirit, he won the award for the best dentist for two consecutive years. In 2010, Weisfogel started a company known as Dental Sleep Masters, which is dedicated to helping those with disorders like sleep apnea. That is made possible through oral applications customized to suit the needs of every patient with obstructive sleep apnea. Although Avi Weisfogel came from a good background and is passionate about his area of specialization, he still faced challenges before the company could finally get stable. It took him almost a decade before it could become firmly established. When it finally did in 2010, he had spent a lot, but since then he has never looked back. He continues to help people get better sleep and even trains other doctors through a platform known as Unlimited Sleep patient. Thanks to Avi Weisfogel you can now sleep like a baby.

Beneful Grain Free: A Great Brand for Dogs

Currently, the market is saturated with the latest and greatest products for the needs of man’s furry friend, the canine. Additionally, grain free dog food is all the rage as it has become apparent that going to a grain free diet is beneficial to many dogs. While there are many great grain free brands, Beneful is arguably the best. Featuring high quality ingredients including farm raised-chicken, and accents ranging from blueberry to pumpkin Beneful Grain Free provides outstanding nutrition for adult dogs. Featuring a wide array of vitamins and minerals that appeal to even the most picky dog, Benful Grain Free is the top grain free dog food on the market. Beneful Grain Free Dog Food is truly an outstanding brand, great for dogs and learn more about Beneful.

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Timothy Armour and His Opinions on Warren Buffett and the Partnership with Samsung

A $1 million dollar wager made by Warren Buffett to charity has garnered some attention in the news. The wager has to do with the business magnate’s claim that he can achieve greater returns on investment than an entire group of hedge fund heads through the simple investment of a S&P 500 passive index fund. The results will be in this year and from the looks of it, Buffett appears to be coming out ahead of the race and more information click here.

In Timothy Armour‘s opinion, Warren Buffett isn’t wrong in his belief that there are way too many so-so and overcharging funds that are shortchanging their investors. He supports Warren Buffett’s commitment to the shorter cost and more simplified investments that ought to be bought and held in place for the long haul. It’s true that Americans should be saving better for their retirement and no one has been better at getting this message across than Mr. Buffett through his bottom-up investing approach and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Tim Armour has shared some of his thoughts on the dealings of Warren Buffett throughout the years and on his stances, when it comes to sticky topics such as the “active versus passive” debate and passive index returns. He was named the chairman of the Capital Group in 2015 after spending 32 years with the company and building quite the knowledgeable internal database in the process. He has been an outspoken speaker and writer on all subjects to do with investment and learn more about Timothy.

Armour had much to say on the Capital Group’s partnership with Samsung Asset Management. His opinion on the strategic partnership was positive and he expressed his support by explaining that the main idea was to help in co-designing the solutions for investment for fulfilling the needs of Korean investors. This includes fulfilling pressing needs, such as retirement plans, savings, and insurance related requirements as were needed.

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Samuel Strauch – Guiding Metrik Holdings To Achieve Success In The Competitive Real Estate Space Of Miami

Samuel Strauch is regarded as one of the most experienced real estate agents in the real estate market in Miami and has over fifteen years of experience in the industry. Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate agent in Miami and has helped numerous clients buy and sell properties. Samuel focuses on providing value and convenience to the real estate transactions for his clients, and it is what has helped him gain tremendous success in a short period in this highly unpredictable and competitive business.

Samuel Strauch is also the founder and CEO of Metrik Holdings, one of the pioneer real estate firms based in Miami. The company helps the sellers market their properties and find verified and potential buyers, and also helps the buyers find the kind of property they are looking for within their budget. Moreover, the company also helps with the documentation and ensures that the transaction goes well and smoothly. In an interview to Lynn Fosse, Senior editor of the leading magazine CEOCFO, Samuel Strauch talked about the real estate market of Miami and his thoughts behind starting Metrik Holdings.

Samuel Strauch said that as he has been in the real estate business for long and knew the Miami real estate landscape inside out, opening Metrik Holdings is something that had been in his mind for long. Samuel said in the interview that opening a real estate firm was always on the card. He added that he had managed to build some great relationship with other agents and professionals in the real estate space, helped tremendously in strengthening the base of Metrik Holdings. Samuel Strauch has done his graduation from the Hofstra University and went on to complete his post-graduation from Erasmus University. He has also attended Harvard University to complete his Master’s degree.

Samuel Strauch said in the interview that the real estate space is transforming at a rapid pace, and there are many developments happening in this sphere. He said that his focus is on understanding this transformation and providing clients with exactly what they are looking for, whether it is in the form of working shared space or budget vacation rentals, and so on.

DNA Miracles Isotonix Multivitamin Plus

DNA Miracles Isotonix Multivitamin Plus is included in the line of Market America products. It’s been specially formulated to meet a child’s nutritional needs. It goes beyond the typical multivitamin. This potent supplement is the answer for children that need more digestive, metabolic, and neurological support.


The blend of vitamins included in the formula are extremely bioavailable, making digestion far easier for children. When the vitamins are easy to absorb, they become readily available for use in the body. This is a very powerful yet simple function that all supplements must have in order to be effective. The Isotonix Delivery System expedites the absorption process so that the effects can be felt more quickly.

Tony Petrello The Lawyer

In 1991, Anthony Petrello was elected as the Executive member of the board of directors of Nabors. He served as the President and the Chief Operating Officer since 1991 to the October of 2011. Since 2003, he was the deputy chairman.From October 2011 he served as President and Chief Executive Officer in addition to serving as the Chairman to the Board in addition to being the chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Board from June of 2012.

Besides his operational functions, Tony Petrello gives strategic program initiatives and way forward hence enabling the organization to conform and grow in the ever-changing environment.

Before he joined Nabors, Mr. Petrello had a law firm Baker & McKenzie from 1979 to the year 1991. His company concentrated on international arbitration, taxing and corporate law as a whole. He was the managing partner at the firm’s New York offices from 1986 to 1991 when he resigned.

Besides being a holder of a degree from the Harvard law school, Mr. Petrello also has a B.S and M.S in Math’s from the University of Yale.

He is the director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC of Hilcorp Energy Company. Petrello is also an advocate for research and clinical plans that deals with the needs of children that suffer from neurological disorders that is on top of being a member of the Board of Trustees at the kids’ hospital in Texas.

Mr. Petrello was in 2013 ranked as the best CEO. In April of 2014, compensation practices at Nabors and cooperate governance were changed. Splitting the functions of a CEO and the Chairman, the executive payment was limited to 3 times to his salary and bonuses were among the changes that were made. All these steps were meant to extinguish the flames over Petrello’s pay and eventually take back part of this money to the shareholders.