Joel Friant as The Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant has a gift of helping people to succeed in their professions as well as their personal life. He has a talent to create products, subconscious success training and home-based business since he is a successful free market enthusiast and serial entrepreneur.

Mr. Friant has begun his professional life in home remodeling and real estate sales. However, in 1995 he started to call himself “The Thai Guy” by entering into the restaurant business with the country’s very first Fast Food Thai Concept. This was how he created and started to sell his famous product called The Habanero Shaker. Joel Friant was very obsessed with the Habanero Chile Pepper and the story continues from that passion.

Joel’s Habanero Shaker has had very successful sales in the state of Washington in several of the major grocery store chains. His success is attributed to the fact that there were never any 100% Habanero Shakers anywhere on the market. The ones that did exist were mixed with either less costly spices or salt. By taking a trip to Jamaica, he discovered his favorite type of the Habanero called the Scotch Bonnet. He also discovered a way to make it less hot by using the format of a dried shaker. This format also lets all of the good flavor of the Habanero come through and be enjoyed without the suffering of it being too hot or spicy.

Today’s trend in food is hot and spicy. That’s why Joel Friant is very excited about his creation of The Habanero Shaker.

By constantly being proactive in his business life, he also has a positive approach to everything in his personal life as well. He keeps physically active by riding a bicycle each start of the day. Joel also believes in taking training classes on how to do things instead of just how to earn cash without doing things. By keeping close to positive people instead of negative ones, he also keeps his strategy of learning from those who can help him improve in his life. Joel also has a philanthropic side by joyfully giving donations to his church and helping those who are more unfortunate in their station in life.