Securus Introduces Customer Related Technology

Too many families and the ones they love in a correctional facility are left disconnected because inmate calls are too expensive. Does your inmate calling provider have little regard for customer values or are you paying excessive fees? Securus Technologies is careful to serve the needs of their patrons with reasonable prices and a stabilized network. CEO, Rick A. Smith says, their success lies in putting the needs if their customers first. You can choose from descriptive tab features listed on their website. You can also share your user experience with other customers on their secure Securus technology platform.


Securus Technology Features


crime prevention

– online photos

– inmate email

– email stamps

– inmate voicemail

– live support

multiple device access

– secure technology


There is a great packaging services feature available with Securus at select facilities. You can send an inmate a care package with the industry’s top brands. The packaging services is a great way to show an inmate how much you care. You order items from the Securus list and have them sent to a facility. Check their website to see if an inmates facility is approved for packaging services.

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