Jorge Moll, his Entrepreneurship journey, and Thoughts on Volunteering

Jorge Moll is a highly successful entrepreneur in the Brazilian healthcare industry as the founder and Chairman of the leading hospital network, Rede D Or São Luiz. While many people have apprehensions about the investments in the healthcare sector, Moll thinks that identifying and tapping the opportunity is most important. He thinks that Brazilian people are increasingly aware of the importance of high-quality healthcare, and there is a space for more players in the quality healthcare services.

Dr. Moll also spoke about his entrepreneurial journey from the scratches to the head of a hospital network that has 32 hospitals in the country. He says that he started with equipment and instituted a large examination center in Rio for complementary tests – an area that had too less quality service, earlier. Dr. Moll was efficiently using the trajectory space provided by the public hospitals. In the 1970s and early 80s, Rio was considered as an excellent destination for quality healthcare. But, in the later years, it has overturned as most of the hospitals was public. Additionally, SUS network worsened things, and the hospitals lost its identity due to the unification.


This is where Dr. Moll thought of identifying the need of world-class healthcare for the need of Rio people ( Though he was starting from scratches with mostly debts, Dr. Moll was optimistic and intensified the expansion process. During those days, healthcare operators were making huge profits by leaving very less for the hospitals. He thought of fighting this and grew by creating own network. But, the economic crisis again pulled people from its network, and they queued for SUS. Therefore, Dr. Moll introduced Total Health Management Model that is more affordable and value added, which became a real success factor for the network.


Jorge Moll also takes many volunteering initiatives, and he is the first neuroscientist who discovered the relationship between health and volunteering ( He says that good actions and volunteering initiatives are giving pleasure to the areas of the feeling of belonging and wellbeing of the brain. Dr. Moll also stated that as many as 28% of Brazilian population are interested in some form of volunteering by referring a Datafolha’s research conducted in 2015. He asks everyone to support some genuine causes and explore the pleasure.