The Success of American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is a professional organization that was formed in 1857 by 13 architects in New York. Its main purpose was to promote the scientific and practical profession of its members. AIA has more than 90,000 licensed architects as members and has created jobs for over 200 employees.

A Board of Directors that oversees its long-term interests heads AIA. The member architects of AIA liaise with the government on the importance and efficiency of the practice and the professional significance of the institute. It also uses its power to legislate and participate in decision-making by the state with regard to the construction industry.

The American Institute of Architects helps the community by setting standards for flourishing the public places, protecting the public’s infrastructure and renovating affordable houses. It also offers education to the younger generation as well as advocating for various policies in the government. AIA participates in community redevelopment and public outreach to assist architecture as a profession creating a positive image to the public.

New architects trained under AIA have an easier access to jobs and other professional opportunities in the market. Most of them end up having the skills and diligence to be able to run architectural firms. The institute has its own magazine called “Magazine of the American Institute of Architect” which describes the work, careers, and success of the industry.

The magazine reaches the public equipping common people with knowledge and insight into the role and contribution of AIA in the world. AIA has its own commitments to the society as it has promised to improve solutions and programs on public health and natural disasters in urban areas for ten years.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of American Institute of Architects. He plays a major role in the institute concerning public health throughout the US. His contribution can be traced back to draining swamps in Washington, DC. Robert came up with the idea of partnering with other institutes for the greater benefit of the general public.

Robert addressed this issue after the institute had to venture into other businesses. Robert advices the community to venture into architecture and make the city prosperous as more buildings are needed for the city to develop. AIA promises opportunities to both the public as well as the professionals working in the field. Under the competent leadership of Robert Ivy, AIA has a promising future as an important body of professionals.