Roc Nation’s Guiding Hand, Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a woman that has no doubt made her mark in the music and entertainment industry. She has been able to be highly successful in male dominated industries where the odds are stacked against her. the great thing about Perez is she didn’t wait to get a seat at the table with her peers, she just took it through hard work. She is an unexpendable asset to the business empire that is Roc Nation. Many have called her the business’ secret to success. A term Perez is more than worthy of considering all she’s done for it.

Anyone who knows partial information about the ins and outs of Roc Nation knows Perez is critical to the business. Roc Nation owner and music mogul, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter values her opinion to the utmost degree. Which makes sense when you realize that she’s been a part of the business for more than two decades. She is like a Swiss army knife. She is an talent manager, producer, overseer, and confidante. She does a little bit of everything to help the business continue to grow and more information click here.

She has helped Jay Z grow into the businessman he is today. She influences many of his business decisions and helps him navigate through boardroom meetings and backroom negotiations. Perez never cracks under pressure. She just stays calm and collected and proceeds to get the job done.

Though Des Perez is responsible for so much and has countless achievements she is often overlooked. many don’t understand nor appreciate the hard work she does on a daily basis. people just see the aftermath of success they rarely see the work it took to get there. Perez has been a guiding hand for artists in the industry for years. Luckily, Perez has no desire for the spotlight and is fine being in the background and what Des Perez knows.

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