Eric Lefkofsky Is Killing Cancer at Its Core

Eric Lefkofsky is killing cancer each and every day. He is accomplishing this by a technological platform he invented called Tempus. This is a platform that can easily be used by all doctors while they are working on a patient. This data displays all the signs and possibilities of cancer. Once a patient is diagnosed, he/she can immediately be treated. With traditional methods, it can take up to five hospital visits in order to detect cancer. With Tempus, one visit is enough.

What is amazing about Tempus is that further patients are examined based on the diagnosis of past patients. Once a doctor observes similar white blood cell counts or similar problems with levels of iron, or issues with blood, the doctor will know that this patient is experiencing cancer in the body. Tempus can also detect an exact stage of the cancer, too and learn more about Eric.

All patients are also encouraged to know that all of their personal information is kept secret. Though a doctor may be studying a patient’s blood while working on another patient, the patient the doctor is working on will not know the name or any other information of the past patient the doctor is studying and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky is changing the way people are looking at cancer. In the past, most people would never even get checked for cancer, even if they had cancer symptoms. This was mainly because they were afraid of the doctor being wrong. Tempus has now encouraged more people to get checked for cancer. This is due to the accuracy that Tempus has shown to the public.

More people are also getting checked for cancer because it is inexpensive. Traditional methods of checking for cancer cost thousands of dollars. This is why medical bills were so high for individuals getting checked for cancer. Doctors pay a monthly fee for Tempus that is below half the cost of traditional methods used to check for cancer. This has allowed doctors to charge less for a cancer check. Many doctors have also made one day out of each month free for people to get checked for cancer with the use of Tempus.

Though many doctors believe Tempus has reached its peak, Eric Lefkofsky and his team of medical experts are doing everything they can to make Tempus even greater. They believe Tempus should not just be for cancer but for any disease or sickness that exists. Eric Lefkofsky hopes Tempus can be improved in the next few years. If this comes to pass, this will be one of the biggest medical discoveries within the medical field.

Eric Lefkofsky also wants to find a way where people with limited medical or no medical at all can use Tempus. His current thoughts are to try and build a simple home-version of Tempus. This will not be as advanced as the Tempus platform used by doctors. However, people will be able to gain enough information right from home to determine if they need to go see a doctor. Eric Lefkofsky believes this kind of technology will help save a lot of lives, and he also believes this will encourage more people to take care of their body on a daily basis. Medical professionals around the world cannot wait to see how future Tempus innovations will effect the community as a whole and read full article.