Success Academy Wins Fight On Behalf of Charter Schools Nationwide

Success Academy a comprehensive PK-12 educational network with 41 schools in the New York City area, recently won a big victory for charter schools. In a fight to maintain the integrity of their educational program, they refused to cower to governmental pressure, and allow the city to regulate the curriculum for their Pre-K program.


In June, Success Academy and other charter schools won a fight against New York City when a state appeals court ruled that the city could not regulate the Pre-K curriculum of charter schools. The fight began when Success Academy, along with the rest of the city’s charter schools was asked to sign a contract that would have allowed the city to decide the curriculum for the programs after they asked the city for financial help.


According to the city, the contract was intended to ensure that all students in pre-k programs were receiving a quality education, but Success and other charter schools believed that the contract was too intrusive. After being asked to sign the contract, the school canceled its Pre-K programs for the 2016-17 school year, but now that they are free to run their own programs, they plan to reinstate the Pre-K program during the 2018-19 school year.


Success Academy was founded by Eva S Markowitz in 2006 and is widely recognized for their ability to bring a high-quality education to poor, underserved students and neighborhoods. In particular, the school has been praised for the academic achievements of its students, many of whom are both poor and children of color. In fact, of the 14 thousand students in the 41 schools that make up Success Academy over 93% are children of color. The results speak for themselves. Success Academy is ranked in the top 1% in Math, 2% in English, and 5% in Science among all the schools in the state.

Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award