Timothy Armour and His Opinions on Warren Buffett and the Partnership with Samsung

A $1 million dollar wager made by Warren Buffett to charity has garnered some attention in the news. The wager has to do with the business magnate’s claim that he can achieve greater returns on investment than an entire group of hedge fund heads through the simple investment of a S&P 500 passive index fund. The results will be in this year and from the looks of it, Buffett appears to be coming out ahead of the race and more information click here.

In Timothy Armour‘s opinion, Warren Buffett isn’t wrong in his belief that there are way too many so-so and overcharging funds that are shortchanging their investors. He supports Warren Buffett’s commitment to the shorter cost and more simplified investments that ought to be bought and held in place for the long haul. It’s true that Americans should be saving better for their retirement and no one has been better at getting this message across than Mr. Buffett through his bottom-up investing approach and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Tim Armour has shared some of his thoughts on the dealings of Warren Buffett throughout the years and on his stances, when it comes to sticky topics such as the “active versus passive” debate and passive index returns. He was named the chairman of the Capital Group in 2015 after spending 32 years with the company and building quite the knowledgeable internal database in the process. He has been an outspoken speaker and writer on all subjects to do with investment and learn more about Timothy.

Armour had much to say on the Capital Group’s partnership with Samsung Asset Management. His opinion on the strategic partnership was positive and he expressed his support by explaining that the main idea was to help in co-designing the solutions for investment for fulfilling the needs of Korean investors. This includes fulfilling pressing needs, such as retirement plans, savings, and insurance related requirements as were needed.

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