Enforcing Rights

It is a falsehood that rights are inalienable. Because of this, the system provides for relief in civil disputes that cannot be resolved by any other means. The legal means for enforcing one’s rights is through bringing a lawsuit. This process from beginning to resolution is called litigation. The resolution can occur throughout the various steps of litigation through several processes, but failure to resolve the issues at any of these early stages will culminate in a trial. The culmination of a trial or the resolution will be made ultimately by a judge or jury that has been persuaded or dissuaded by attorneys who can also be referred to as litigators when the focus of their business is devoted to litigation.

The plaintiff is the person that decides to file a lawsuit because they feel certain rights are being violated. The person to whom this action is directed is known as the defendant. Each have to follow certain protocol, but a primary feature of the lawsuit is that the plaintiff will demand a certain resolution from the defendant. The lawsuit will only proceed if the defendant finds this demand unreasonable and subsequently rejects this option. They can refuse outright or ignore the offer until certain deadlines expire. Additionally, the complaint made by the plaintiff against the defendant must cite the particular grievances.

It must also show direct correlation of these injuries to the action or inaction of the defendant. Injuries are defined as any loss and not just physical injury. According to Karl Heidek, this action must also cite the relief being requested by the plaintiff to resolve the damages caused by the defendant. This relief is often money, but sometimes could be what is termed as equitable relief. Because of the high stakes of litigation, be-grieved people seeking legal enforcement of their rights should seek proficient counsel of his quality.

Karl Heidek received his bachelors degree from the prestigious Swarthmore College and received his law degree from Temple College’s esteemed Beasley School of Law. Karl Heidek is a contract attorney and litigator who specializes in compliance and risk management review. In his time as an attorney, it is litigation in which Karl Heidek invests much of his exceedingly busy practice in order to help people and companies enforce and protect their rights from entities skilled at extracting those rights. In this cause, he is one of the best in the business.

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