Securus Technologies Helping Police Catch Fugitives

Part of my responsibility on the fugitive task force is to keep the streets of our city safe. When we get the word that a suspect is evading capture and is still committing crimes, we do whatever it takes and use every resource possible to get them into jail. The first thing we do is try to get help from informants, or anyone close to the suspect that can shed light on their whereabouts.


When we can not get voluntary help from these folks, we will put surveillance on them in the hopes that they lead us right to the suspect. This case was especially troubling because none of the resources that we use on a regular basis were panning out, so we decided to take the advice of one of our associates and head to the local prison for assistance.


When Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in that prison, it was designed to do the work of several officers by listening in on the calls of inmates and alerting them to specific chatter. Securus Technologies CEO, Richard Smith, says his 1,000 employees are dedicating their time with the company to make our world safer. When you have a system in over 2,600 jails around the country, you must be getting results.


Me and my fellow officers were taught how to use the LBS software and began monitoring calls pertaining to our suspect. What we didn’t know was that our suspect had made quite a few enemies that were in jail, and when they heard our team was in the jail, they were telling their family and friends how they hated the suspect. One inmate was so irate that he said he would kill the suspect and his partner if he ever got free. The attention to the partner was a piece of the puzzle we were missing, and eventually lead us to the suspect later that day.