Samuel Strauch – Guiding Metrik Holdings To Achieve Success In The Competitive Real Estate Space Of Miami

Samuel Strauch is regarded as one of the most experienced real estate agents in the real estate market in Miami and has over fifteen years of experience in the industry. Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate agent in Miami and has helped numerous clients buy and sell properties. Samuel focuses on providing value and convenience to the real estate transactions for his clients, and it is what has helped him gain tremendous success in a short period in this highly unpredictable and competitive business.

Samuel Strauch is also the founder and CEO of Metrik Holdings, one of the pioneer real estate firms based in Miami. The company helps the sellers market their properties and find verified and potential buyers, and also helps the buyers find the kind of property they are looking for within their budget. Moreover, the company also helps with the documentation and ensures that the transaction goes well and smoothly. In an interview to Lynn Fosse, Senior editor of the leading magazine CEOCFO, Samuel Strauch talked about the real estate market of Miami and his thoughts behind starting Metrik Holdings.

Samuel Strauch said that as he has been in the real estate business for long and knew the Miami real estate landscape inside out, opening Metrik Holdings is something that had been in his mind for long. Samuel said in the interview that opening a real estate firm was always on the card. He added that he had managed to build some great relationship with other agents and professionals in the real estate space, helped tremendously in strengthening the base of Metrik Holdings. Samuel Strauch has done his graduation from the Hofstra University and went on to complete his post-graduation from Erasmus University. He has also attended Harvard University to complete his Master’s degree.

Samuel Strauch said in the interview that the real estate space is transforming at a rapid pace, and there are many developments happening in this sphere. He said that his focus is on understanding this transformation and providing clients with exactly what they are looking for, whether it is in the form of working shared space or budget vacation rentals, and so on.