When It Comes To Entertainment Women Have Not Been Left Behind


Most people believe that a woman cannot be a comedian. However, some women are defying this notion and are taking the comic scenes by a storm. Here is a list of some of these women.


Women in Comedy


Wanda Sykes has become a big voice for black female comedians. Wanda worked with the NSA but later quit to start standup comedy in the 80s. Her big break came when she began writing for The Chris Rock show.  She’s also appeared in a ton of great hood movies too.


Sasheer Zamata mostly performs at CollegeHumor Skits. Zamata big break in comedy came when she starred in the Pursuit of Sexiness after her performance at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.


Nicole Byer is one of the funniest female comedians. A series based on her life was created and aired on MTV. She was also in The Pursuit of Sexiness, Party Over Here, and MTV’s Girl Code.


Sommore is one of the pioneers in black female comedy. She appeared on HBO’s Comic View and Def Comedy Jam. She was also a part of the Queens of Comedy Tour.


Other Areas


Women have also been making it big in other areas of entertainment, such as music and acting. They include Jennifer Lopez, who is a singer, dancer, actress, author, producer, and fashion designer. Her career started as a dancer for In Living Color in 1991. She has starred in several movies and produced many albums to be one of the most celebrated female stars. Another high profiling woman is Angelina Jolie, who is a filmmaker, actress, activist, and a philanthropist. She entered professional acting in 1993. She has since appeared in many movies to date. Her big break came when she was awarded a Golden Globe Award in 1997.  Not to mention Rita Ora sexy celebrity who is breaking new ground with her career very day.