The Creepy Side of Music: Artists Under Mind Control!

It takes no small part of your brain to admit that the entertainment industry is, well, a little bit wacko. The music industry in particular has always been rife with stories of bizarre activities, cults, behind-the-scenes drama, and more. From Scientology to the Illuminati — there are things going on behind the scenes of the music world. While much of what we are discussing is hard to believe, there has to be a part of you that really does wonder, “What if?” Today we are going to look at musicians whoa re allegedly being mind controlled.

Miley Cyrus – Good Girl, Gone Bad.
Miley Cyrus grew up under the spotlight as the good girl, wholesome alter ego/character ‘Hannah Montana’. Then, like a light switch flickering, Miley was suddenly a very different person. While it is reasonable to assume that Miley’s transformation into Hollywood’s ‘bad girl’ is a product of life under the spotlight, many people are positing something far more nefarious — mind control. The MK Ultra victims are controlled by the CIA’s mind control testing grounds. This has been proven. This is fact. In 2013, when Syria was in full blown crisis — leading onto the next huge war, Cyrus’s personality seemed to switch overnight. Analytics show that Google search results about Syria plummeted while search results for Miley Cyrus went through the roof.

Are we saying that Miley Cyrus is a tool for the CIA? A distraction element for the government? No. What we ARE saying is that the potential is there.