The Best Backpack Brand & The Best Headphones To Go With It


Weather it’s back to school time or travel time, a backpack is a must have. When you begin shopping for backpacks, you may notice that there are lots of different brands out there. One of the most well known backpack brands is Jansport. Jansport is a brand that has a base of loyal fans and has been established for a while now. One of the best selling backpacks on the market for both fashion and practicality is Jansport’s Right Pack Backpack. One of the things the brand is most well known for is its durability. Many of the products’ positive reviews claim that the Right Pack lasts them sixteen to twenty years. This keeps people coming back since other backpack brands don’t last nearly that long. There’s a sense of reliability that comes along with name ‘Jansport‘ which makes it the best brand around.

Most people these days have a smartphone, ipod, or mp3 player, which means that most people listen to music on these devices with headphone brands. With that being said, there are many brands trying to monopolize that market. One brand that as been able to separate itself from competitors is Bose. Bose has several different noise cancelling headphones on the market, all of which have near perfect customer reviews. Bose is known for its world renowned, game changing sound systems. With plenty of experience and expertise, Bose remains one of the most trusted names in headphones today. When you think ‘noise cancelling headphones’ you think ‘Bose’.